Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gig Swig: Bearsuit, The Retro Spankees and Anguish Sandwich LIVE! At The Labour Club, Northampton (25/2/2011)

Broken Shackle Tabernacle always put on a jolly good show. They bring musical obscurities from all over, together alongside local talent. Tonight is no different! With Beatsuit headlining and The Retro Spankees and Anguish Sandwich representing Northampton, its set to kick the roof off! Anguish Sandwich manage to evoke the glorious sound of lo-fi in their live show with vocal fuzz, guitar fuzz and Meg White style drumming. The bassist decides he's better off on the floor and has a nice sit down as he grooves out some tasty bass lines that add weight to the trebled off it's face guitar. The songs speak for themselves, despite being absent of guitar solos or attitude or angst. The band sure know their way around a good melody and a banging rhythm. Anguish Sandwich prove why lo-fi guitar pop is so popular and they do it justice in the live environment. Not even a broken string can bring their show to a hault. After a quick guitar change, they hammer the set home  and are met with a well deserved cheer. Anguish Sandwich don't rely on lo-fi to be fly.

Anguish Sandwich

Hard act to follow? Not for The Retro Spankees, who blow the minds of all present and everyone within ear shot of  the venue. Their songs fizz and crackle with an enthusiasm as catchy as the common cold. Hardcore fans of the Spanks must of noticed the new bass player?! It threatens to unravel their tight sound, but it doesn't. Boom. They proceed to glide through their sight, unleashing blinder after blinder, the crowd are having it large. And so are the band! Pay attention to The Retro Spankees, they know exactly how it's done. They got it down to a T.

The Retro Spankees

Hard act to follow? Definitely. Bearsuit pull it off though, just. They have an interesting sound, but where there is interesting, their is no arresting. Most of their set seems to just sit there as if it's showing you a power point of its great ideas. The band themselves look like all the misfits from your middle school grew up and decided to make an unconventional band to appeal to all the misfits out there. They do appeal; at the beginning of their set, but we don't know any better. Then better is unleashed at the end of their set when they let loose on some upbeat, party songs that everyone goes nuts for. They still retain their intelligence, but it just feels more right for them to be kicking and screaming a bit more. Its good for bands to want to progress, but musical pasts shouldn't be completely forgotten. Especially those that are cherished by fans.



GIG HIGHLIGHT: When the crowd decided to just sit down on the floor during The Retro Spankees set.

BEST PERFORMED SONG OF THE NIGHT: "Leave My Brain Alone" By Anguish Sandwich

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Written by Jack Parker for Power Chord Music Blog. Photography by Jack Parker.Safe.

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