Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gig Swig: BROTHER @ ARU Student Union, Cambridge (Monday 21st February 2011)

These guys are unleashing their back catalogue at the end of a grey February. But it's clear from the first confident "hello Cambridge" from Brother's lead singer Lee, that this set is destined to be screamed back at them from a massive summer festival crowd. The support bands do a good job of making rock'n'roll that so free from actual rock'n'roll it hurts, but they serve well to make Brother taste even more like a sweet breathe of fresh air. "New Years Day", "Darling Buds Of May" and set closer "Time Machine" have already made a name for themselves as stone cold classics. And with every "this is a new one" announcement, another classic feels like its being born into the world. Despite their self proclaimed "Gritpop" tag, Brother make almost pure pop songs. The verses have pep in their step, the chorus go from massive to massiver and there are "oohs" all over the shop. They sure now how to play them with attitude and swagger however, with main man Lee doing a good job of being a front man with his witty banter and connection with the crowd. The lead guitarist seems to be content on swaggering through the songs, giving the crowd his best bad attitude faces. The vibes from these two characters bouncing off each other makes for a great show. Harking back to a point made earlier, Brother beef up their sound with the addition of a feisty backing singer and a third guitarist/general instrumentation dude which makes them even more festival ready. Every chorus booms out of their songs, as if they are trying to break free and become a song of their own. But they don't just have the big songs and the looks to be a great band. They have an energy that runs through their sound that's an energy all of their own. Brother's songs are like a long lost brother: surprising, new, and yet instantly familiar.


GIG HIGHLIGHT: When all the uber fans went to see Brother who came out to do autographs on their merch.


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Written by Jack Parker for Power Chord Music Blog. Photography by Jack Parker. BOYAKASHA!

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